In-Car Phone Mount/Holder via Windshield or Dashboard Hoco CA83

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In-Car Phone Mount/Holder via Windshield or Dashboard Hoco CA83

Introducing the Hoco CA83 In-Car Phone Holder: Elevating Your Driving Experience

Revolutionize your driving experience with the Hoco CA83 In-Car Phone Holder. Designed with an extended arm and a one-touch release button, this cutting-edge device offers unparalleled convenience and safety while on the road. Its robust construction ensures reliable support for phone sizes ranging from 4.5" to 7" screen size, securing your device with ease.
Safety is our top priority, which is why the CA83 is engineered to enhance your focus on the road. Its versatile design allows for a 360° rotation, enabling you to find the optimal viewing angle for navigation and hands-free calls. With the CA83, you can keep your eyes on the road at all times, promoting a safer driving environment.

Whether you prefer mounting it on your dashboard or windshield, the CA83 provides a secure hold that remains steadfast throughout your journey. Say goodbye to distractions and welcome a seamless, hassle-free driving experience.

Upgrade your in-car phone holder to the Hoco CA83 and experience the perfect blend of convenience, safety, and peace of mind. Embrace a new standard of driving with the CA83, keeping you focused and in control while reaching your destination with confidence.

1. Material: ABS + silicone.
2. Surface technology: texturing.
3. Sizes: 165*105*120mm.
4. Weight: 170g.
5. Suitable for 4.5-7 inch mobile phones. Clamp range: 62-95mm.
6. Mount type: in-car dashboard, windshield.

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