2 Meter USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable 20W, Vipfan P04

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The Vipfan P04 cable is a durable and fast-charging USB-C to Lightning cable. It is made with high-quality materials, such as pure copper and TPE plastic, and is protected by tear-resistant material. This makes it resistant to repeated bending, stretching, or mechanical damage.

The cable supports the PD20W fast charging protocol, allowing it to charge devices at a maximum of 3A. This means that it can charge your smartphone to 50% in just 30 minutes. The cable also has multi-level protection to ensure the safety of your charged devices.

Key Features:
    Durable and resistant to damage
    PD20W fast charging support
    2 meters long
    Made of high-quality materials
    Multi-level protection

    Charge your devices quickly and safely
    Never worry about your cable breaking
    Enjoy the convenience of a long cable
    Use high-quality materials that will last
    Protect your devices from harm

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