4-in-1, USB male to USB3.0 female + 3X USB 2.0 Ports, Hoco HB25

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Boost your productivity and unleash the full potential of your USB interface with the hoco. Easy Mix 4-in-1 Converter.

This compact and powerful converter offers:

Unmatched Versatility: Connect up to four devices simultaneously with one USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports. Expand your connectivity and access your keyboard, mouse, printer, external hard drives, and more.
Blazing-Fast Data Transfer: Experience lightning-fast speeds with the USB 3.0 port, transferring large files and documents in seconds. Boost your workflow and save valuable time.
Pocket-Sized Convenience: Carry the hoco. Easy Mix wherever you go. Its compact design and lightweight construction make it ideal for travel, work, or studying. Never be caught without the connections you need.
Built to Last: Crafted with high-quality ABS material, this converter ensures durability and reliability. Enjoy long-lasting performance and worry-free daily usage.
Simple and Hassle-Free: No drivers or complex setup required. Simply plug and play to instantly expand your USB interface and experience seamless connectivity.
The hoco. Easy Mix 4-in-1 Converter is your perfect companion for:

Students: Keep your study space organized and connect your essential devices.
Professionals: Work efficiently with multiple monitors and peripherals.
Travelers: Stay connected and productive on the go.
Anyone who wants to expand their USB interface with ease.
Invest in a versatile and reliable solution. Get your hoco. Easy Mix today!

Model: 6041
Style: HB25
Material: ABS
Size: 76.99 x 25 x 16.48mm
Cable length: 30cm
Weight: 30g
Interface: USB male to USB 3.0 x 1 female + USB 2.0 x 3 female
Supports up to 1TB hard drives
Expands USB interface
Order your hoco. Easy Mix now and experience the power of connectivity!

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