DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone - The Most Advance Model for 2024

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Elevate Your Social Media Game: Introducing the DJI Mini 4 Pro
Capture Stunning Aerial Shots for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest

Weighing less than 249 g, [1] Mini 4 Pro was designed for life on the go. There's no need for training or examinations in most countries and regions.
Fly Longer, Create More
Stay focused on creation with two battery options. Enjoy up to 34 or 45 minutes of flight time depending on your needs. [2]
Out-Sized Imaging Performance
Equipped with a 1/1.3" CMOS sensor, it supports 4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting. With 10-bit D-Log M/HLG color modes, record up to one billion colors.
Stable, Reliable Video Transmission
The drone features DJI’s O4 video transmission. Enjoy smooth 1080p/60fps live feeds from up to 20 km.
A Touch of Cinematics
Experience ActiveTrack 360° and tailor multiple tracking routes to fit any shooting scenario. Pro-level results are simple now.
The improved noise reduction algorithm of Mini 4 Pro’s Night Shots video effectively suppresses noise and facilitates clearer, cleaner footage right from the camera.

DJI Mini 4 Pro features comprehensive upgrades in its vision sensing system, imaging system, video transmission system, and intelligent features.

Details are as follows: While maintaining a 249g lightweight design, DJI Mini 4 Pro boasts an omnidirectional vision sensing system to achieve omnidirectional obstacle sensing. It uses a new image-processing platform and supports recording 4K/60fps HDR videos, with optional 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color modes, elevating multiple shooting specifications. It is equipped with the DJI O4 FHD digital video transmission system, which provides a max transmission distance of up to 20 km*. It comes with the newly upgraded ActiveTrack 360°, Waypoint Flight, Advanced RTH, Cruise Control, and other intelligent features.

Data tested under FCC standard in an unobstructed environment without interference. Used for reference purposes only and provides no guarantee for actual transmission distance.

Struggling to make your social media content stand out? Look no further than the DJI Mini 4 Pro, the game-changing drone for aspiring influencers.  This lightweight marvel packs a punch, delivering Hollywood-caliber footage that will leave your followers speechless.

Unleash Your Creativity:
4K/60fps HDR Video: Capture vibrant details and rich colors with stunning clarity.
True Vertical Shooting: Perfect for captivating stories and reels.
Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing: Fly confidently with advanced safety features.
ActiveTrack 360°: Track your every move with ease, keeping you in the center of the frame.

The Secret Weapon of Top Influencers:

Don't wonder how those viral videos are made. The DJI Mini 4 Pro is the secret weapon for creating mesmerizing content that gets shared and loved.

Join the ranks of social media royalty. Get your DJI Mini 4 Pro today!

社交媒体内容创作利器: DJI Mini 4 Pro无人机 (Shèjiāo méitiā nèiróng chuàngzuò lìqì: DJI Mini 4 Pro Wúrénjiān)
摘要 (Zhāiyóu): 本文将探讨 DJI Mini 4 Pro 无人机如何帮助用户提升社交媒体内容创作水准 (génshēn jiāo mèitiā nèiróng chuàngzuò shuǐzěn)。该款无人机重量不足 249 克,符合大多数国家和地区的免培训飞行法规 (miǎn péixùn fēixíng fǎguī),让航拍创作更加轻松便捷 (háng pāi chuàngzuò gèngjiā qīngsōng biànjié)。 (This text explores how the DJI Mini 4 Pro drone can elevate social media content creation for users. Weighing less than 249 grams and complying with most countries' and regions' drone training exemptions, the Mini 4 Pro makes aerial creation effortless.)

强大的影像性能助力内容创作 (Qiángdà de yǐngxiàng xíngnéng zhùlì nèiróng chuàngzuò): DJI Mini 4 Pro 配备 1/1.3 英寸 CMOS 传感器 ( pèi bèi 1/1.3 yīncùn CMOS chuánsǒngr ), 支持 4K/60fps HDR 竖拍模式 (zhìchí 4K/60fps HDR shù pāi móshì) 和 10 位 D-Log M/HLG 色彩模式 (10 wèi D-Log M/HLG sècǎi móshì),能够录制高达 10 亿种色彩 (nénggòu lù zhù gāodá 10 yì zhǒng sècǎi),创作出细节丰富、色彩亮丽的航拍视频 (chuàngzuò chū jié fēngfù, sècǎi liànglì de háng pāi shì頻 (pín)). (Equipped with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, the Mini 4 Pro supports 4K/60fps HDR portrait mode and 10-bit D-Log M/HLG color modes, capable of recording up to 1 billion colors for detailed and vibrant aerial videography.)

稳定可靠的视频传输頻): 得益于 DJI O4 视频传输系统
DJI O4 shì頻 即使在距离长达 20 公里 的地方,也能享受流畅的 1080p/60fps 实时画面

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