DJI Osmo Pocket 3 - Compact Vlogger Camera

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A Creative Companion for Any Occasion
Whether you're livestreaming or using it as a webcam, Pocket 3 offers flexible features that make it a versatile and practical tool. A built-in timecode function even facilitates efficient post-production for more pro-level editing scenarios.
It is an exceptional vlogging camera that really does fit in your pocket.
The Pocket 3 is perfect for content creators who make reels or TikTok-style videos. When you turn the device to portrait mode, it starts filming in portrait. The modes can be switched quickly, which is super handy! It's also great for taking photos in both orientations, and you can shoot in RAW files.

Powerful 1-Inch Sensor
A large CMOS sensor and 4K/120fps [1] UHD footage capture experiences in dynamic, buttery smooth detail.

Three-Axis Stabilization
Shoot smooth, stable hand-held footage. Cater to your scene by adjusting Osmo Pocket 3's Rotational Speed to track different-paced scenarios.

2-Inch Rotatable Touchscreen
With the upgraded OLED touchscreen, you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical shooting or tap to adjust parameters and subject tracking.

Full-Pixel Fast Focusing
Lock a subject in focus, even while moving. The new Product Showcase mode prioritizes focusing on the foreground - perfect for livestreaming.

ActiveTrack 6.0, Stay Centered
Shoot like a pro by utilizing follow modes like Face Auto-Detect, Dynamic Framing, and more to lock your subject in frame as you move the camera.

Sound That Surrounds
Get it clear the first time with omnidirectional stereo recording and the ability to connect to two DJI Mic 2 Transmitters.

10-Bit D-Log M Color
With D-Log M and 10-bit color depth, you can effortlessly record up to one billion colors and achieve stunning visual effects during post-production.

无论您是进行直播还是将其用作网络摄像头,Pocket 3 都提供灵活的功能,使其成为一款多功能实用的工具。内置时间码功能甚至可以促进高效的后期制作,以实现更专业级的编辑场景。
Pocket 3 非常适合制作视频或 TikTok 风格视频的内容创作者。当您将设备切换到纵向模式时,它会开始纵向拍摄。模式可以快速切换,超级方便!它也非常适合在两个方向拍摄照片,并且您可以以 RAW 文件进行拍摄。

强大的 1 英寸传感器
大型 CMOS 传感器和 4K/120fps [1] 超高清素材捕捉体验,动态、流畅的细节。

拍摄流畅、稳定的手持镜头。通过调整 Osmo Pocket 3 的旋转速度来跟踪不同节奏的场景,以满足您的场景。

2 英寸可旋转触摸屏
借助升级的 OLED 触摸屏,您可以轻松切换水平和垂直拍摄或点击调整参数和拍摄对象跟踪。

即使在移动时也能锁定拍摄对象。新的产品展示模式优先关注前景 - 非常适合直播。

ActiveTrack 6.0,保持居中

通过全向立体声录音和连接两个 DJI Mic 2 发射器的能力,第一次就可以清楚地了解情况。

10 位 D-Log M 颜色
借助 D-Log M 和 10 位颜色深度,您可以轻松记录多达 10 亿种颜色,并在后期制作过程中实现令人惊叹的视觉效果。

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