Dual Port Wall Charger for Phones - AU1, VipFan

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Power Up Your Day with AU1 Dual Charger: Charge Fast, Charge Safe, Charge Two!

Tired of waiting around for devices to charge? Introducing the AU1 Dual Charger, your new power pal built for speed and convenience. Ditch the tangled mess and juice up two devices simultaneously with lightning-fast 2.1A charging, perfect for the ever-charging world we live in.

Whether you're a homebody or a hustler on the go, the AU1's pocket-sized design travels wherever you do. Slide it into your backpack, toss it in your purse, and say goodbye to dead batteries holding you back.

Safety first! The AU1 carries the AU/NZ Safety Test & Certification, meaning you can rest assured knowing your precious devices are in good hands. Designed specifically for New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji, this little powerhouse adapts to your world.

But wait, there's more! The AU1 isn't just fast and friendly, it's also universally loved. Its USB-A output plays nice with iPhones, iPads, Androids, tablets, and a whole bunch of other digital companions. So put the adapters away and embrace the freedom of one charger for all.

The AU1 Dual Charger – it's not just a charger, it's a lifestyle upgrade. Ditch the wait, embrace the power, and keep your world charged up.

Get yours today!

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