Phone Holder for eBike, eScooter & Bicycle Joyroom JR-ZS264

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Phone Holder  for eBike, eScooter & Bicycle 

SZ264, the ultimate phone holder for your ebike!! Crafted from high-grade alloy material and silicone, this holder is designed to hold phones with screen sizes ranging from 4.7" to 6.8". With its unique features, the SZ264 is the perfect accessory for any outdoor biking enthusiast.

The adjustable holder and 360-degree rotation feature of the SZ264 makes it an ideal phone holder for ebikes. You can adjust the holder to fit your phone size and easily rotate it to the perfect viewing angle, giving you a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Built with solid construction, the SZ264 is made to last. It is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor biking and is durable enough to handle rough terrain. You can ride with confidence knowing that your phone is securely held in place.

Finding a phone holder for your ebike that fits your phone can be a challenge. But with the SZ264, you can be sure that it will fit most phones on the market with screen sizes ranging from 4.7" to 6.8". This makes the SZ264 a versatile accessory that you can use with different phones as you upgrade over time.

In summary, the SZ264 is a must-have accessory for any outdoor biking enthusiast. It is made of high-grade alloy material and silicone, and is built to last. Its adjustable holder and 360-degree rotation feature make it easy to use, and it fits most phones on the market. Get yours today and enhance your outdoor biking life!

Button to release the clamping lock.
Silicone handlebar covers.
Non-slip phone mount.
Can be rotated in 360 °.
The gadget from Joyroom will provide you with high stability of the phone attached to it.
A big advantage is the ability to adjust the holder to the phone - all thanks to the universal arm that can be adapted to screens from 4.7 to 6.8 inches.
Do not worry about damaging the phone - the corners and the back are protected against scratching.
A great convenience is also the ability to freely set the phone, all thanks to the 360 ° rotation.

Robust construction.
The holder allows you to easily attach it to the handlebar of a bicycle or motorcycle.
The ring is tightened firmly, and its inner part uses a material that prevents it from moving, sliding or sliding on the frame.
This gives you the ability to ride freely, without worrying that the handle will twist and your phone will fall off.

Model: JR-ZS264
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Silicone
Applicable Phone Size: 4.7 inch-6.8 inch
Product Size: 15mm = Handlebar Diameter = 30mm
Net Weight: 180g

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