Flexible LED Pixel Panel Display Screen Scrolling Text Support App Control

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LED Flexible Display Screen STAR Car LED Dispaly


Shine On the Road: STAR Car LED Display - Your Message in Motion!

Turn your car into a captivating billboard with the STAR Car LED Display! This powerful little screen packs a punch, letting you display vibrant messages on the go.

Dazzling visuals: 6500cd/sqm brightness and 16*64 resolution ensure your message jumps out, day or night.

Effortless control: Manage it all from your phone with the user-friendly APP. Change, update, and customize on the fly!

Eco-friendly efficiency: Under 7W power consumption for worry-free display and a lighter footprint.

Versatile wonder: Perfect for advertising, retail promotions, or even a playful personal message.

Built to last: Backed by a 2-year warranty for reliable performance and peace of mind.

Specs at a glance:

Model: Car LED Display
Resolution: Crisp 16*64 for clear visuals.
Input: Easy USB connection.
Control: Convenient APP control.
Size: Compact and sleek (7*17cm).

Don't just drive, shine! Order your STAR Car LED Display today and light up your message!

#STARCarLED #ShineOnTheRoad #MobileCommunication #MessageInMotion

Share your dazzling displays! Tag us on social media with #STARCarLED and show us your creative messages!


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