Magnetic Phone Holder, ,Air Vent Mounting. Hoco S49

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Magnetic Phone Holder Clip To Air Vent Hoco S49

The cute but compact phone holder for your car.  Steve Jobs will describe the S49 in the following manner:

Introducing the S49 magnetic phone holder, the ultimate in-car solution for your smartphone. With its sleek black design and minimalist theme, this holder is the perfect blend of style and functionality.

The neodymium magnet used in the S49 (N-45 type) is incredibly powerful and can accommodate smartphones from 4.7 inches up to 6.7 inches with ease. That means you can use it with your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any other smartphone you might have.

But that's not all. The S49 magnetic phone holder also allows for 360-degree rotation when your phone is magnetically mounted. This means you can adjust your phone to any angle you desire for a comfortable viewing experience while driving.

At our company, we believe that design and functionality should go hand in hand, and the S49 magnetic phone holder is a perfect example of that philosophy. So if you're looking for a sleek and reliable way to keep your phone secure while driving, look no further than the S49 magnetic phone holder.

Thank you, and stay hungry, stay foolish.

What is Neodymium?
Neodymium is a chemical element with the symbol Nd and atomic number 60. It is the fourth member of the lanthanide series and is considered to be one of the rare-earth metals. It is a hard, slightly malleable, silvery metal that quickly tarnishes in air and moisture.

The Neodymium Magnet N45 Rating:
Remanence (BR) mT (KGS):  1320-1380 (13.2-13.8)
Intrinisc Coercive Force (Hcj) kA/m (kOe):  1380-1420 (13.8-14.2)

1. Material: PC + ABS + silicone.
2. Surface: texturing.
3. Sizes: 46*38*80mm.
4. Weight: 50g.
5. Compatibility: 4.7"- 6.7" inches mobile phones, bearing weight: 1kg.
6. Applicable mount: car air outlet.
7. High-end texture.

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