Magsafe Magnetic Phone Mount Remote Control Selfie Stick Tripod WS-22005 Magnetic Selfie Stick(Black/White)

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Magnetic Phone Mount Remote Control Selfie Stick Tripod



Capture Epic Selfies, Effortlessly: The Magnetic Magic of the WS-22005! 

Ditch the awkward angles and shaky footage! The WS-22005 Magnetic Selfie Stick is your pocket-sized secret weapon for flawless self-portraits and stunning group shots.

Unleash your inner selfie star:

MagSafe Magic: Instantly snap your phone on with powerful magnets, no messy clamps or adapters needed.

Reach New Heights: Extendable up to 610mm, capture wider landscapes and group photos with ease.

Pocket-Ready Compactness: Folds down to just 167mm, perfect for tossing in your bag or purse.

Ultra-Sturdy: Built with premium aluminum alloy for a lightweight yet rock-solid feel.
Universal Appeal: Works with any phone - Android, iPhone, you name it!


Specs at a glance:

Model: WS-22005
Material: ABS+PC+aluminum alloy
Weight: 195g (feather-light!)
Extended Length: 610mm (reach for the sky!)
Load Capacity: 5KG (even your heaviest phone is safe!)

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