Momax BR8 Mini GPS Tracker Rechargeable - IP68 Waterproof

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Momax PinCard BR8: A Discreet and Powerful Tracking Solution

The Momax PinCard BR8 is a meticulously crafted mini GPS tracking card designed for effortless item location. This innovative device boasts an impressive array of features, ensuring your valuables remain within reach at all times.  (Pinterest)

Global Precision and Wireless Convenience:
Unparalleled Positioning: Experience unparalleled positioning accuracy with the PinCard BR8's integrated GPS technology.
Seamless Wireless Charging: Eliminate the need for cumbersome cables with the PinCard BR8's convenient wireless charging functionality.
Unmatched Durability and Intuitive Functionality:

Impenetrable Protection: 
The IP68 waterproof rating safeguards the PinCard BR8 against water immersion and dust ingress, ensuring worry-free operation in any environment.
Intuitive Operation: No app download is required - locate your belongings with a simple button press. Flashing light guidance further streamlines the search process.
Apple Find My Network Integration:

Leveraging the Power of Apple:
The PinCard BR8 seamlessly integrates with the Apple Find My network, enabling location tracking through surrounding iOS devices worldwide.

Unparalleled Findability:
Streamlined Attachment: The open-hole design allows for effortless keychain attachment, making the PinCard BR8 readily accessible.
Multi-Sensory Search: Locate your misplaced items with ease. The PinCard BR8 emits a clear sound and incorporates a flashing red light for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.
Intelligent Separation Alerts:

Never Leave Anything Behind Again: 
Rest assured knowing the PinCard BR8 will send automatic alerts to your phone if you stray beyond a 100-meter radius from your belongings, preventing inadvertent item misplacement.

Sustainable Design and Extended Use:
Long-lasting Power: The built-in lithium battery delivers exceptional performance, lasting up to a year on a single charge. Moreover, the battery boasts an impressive 300+ recharge cycles, promoting environmental sustainability.
Multi-Tiered Guidance System:

Precision Location Tracking: 
The PinCard BR8 utilizes a comprehensive three-tiered guidance system. The app meticulously stores the item's last known location, facilitating effortless tracing.
Route Planning: A user-friendly map displays the item's location and suggests an optimal route for retrieval.
Audible and Visual Cues: The PinCard BR8 emits a distinct sound and a bright red flashing light to pinpoint the item's location, particularly helpful in dimly lit environments.
Technical Specifications:

Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Supported Operating Systems: iOS 14.5 / iPadOS 14.5 and above / macOS 12.5 and above
Material: PVC
Dimensions: 54mm x 45mm x 3mm
Weight: 11g
The MOMAX PinCard BR8 represents a paradigm shift in item tracking solutions. Its compact design, unparalleled functionality, and extended battery life make it an indispensable companion for the modern world.

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