Original Battery Samsung Galaxy S22 3.83V, 3590mAh, 13.92Wh, EB-BS901ABY

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Brand new, original Battery Samsung Galaxy S22 3.83V, 3590mAh/13.92Wh EB-BS901ABY

Condition: Brand New
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 3.83V 3590mAh/13.92Wh
Battery health: 100%
Model: EB-BS901ABY
Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22

Packing List:
One unit of original Samsung battery (indicated above)
** Tools, bonding gel are NOT included
** Installation service is NOT included

Professional installation service is available for you!
Use the discount codBS901ABY for installation service!
Why wait, book your installation service via https://tinyurl.com/repairbooking77
We provide decent turnaround time for repairs to your smartphone LCD, tablets, iPad, iPhone, and laptop screens.

What is NOT included for this item:
(1)  Installation and engineering charge.
(2)  High precision phone repair tools
(3)  Bonding gel or specialized glue is not included.

Advance Repair Skills Needed
You need to have the knowledge, skills, the professional tools, heat gun and experience to repair smartphones.
It is suggested that you get the professional to do complicated repair work for you.

We are NOT responsible for any damage resulting from the customer's own attempt
We recommend that you bring your phone in for a free inspection and installation. 

Buyer Beware:

This battery replacement WILL NOT work for smartphones that have suffered from shorted out motherboard, cracked CPU, burnt or liquid damaged power IC, charging capacitors, etc.
or liquid damage.

Item returns policy:
1. Return is accepted within 14 days after the buyer's receiving the item. If this item is defective upon receipt, the customer has up to 30 days from the date of receipt for exchange of a new one.
2. Please understand that shipping and handling fees are not refundable.
3. Buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost for replacement items.
3. When you ship the return item, please print out the sales invoice.  We shall process your item request promptly.
4. Please do not return items for replacement if it is damaged, broken, bent from  your own repair attempts.


Please call us at 0800 429 429 to get a shipping cost quote before you buy mobile phone accessoriesWe are base in Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland.

We have been serving the locals for Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland since 2011 for phone screen repair,  mobile phone and computer repair since 2011, give us a go and we promise not waste your time!  After all, we have "been keeping you in touch since 2011".

Let us sort you out on crack screen repair for Galaxy Tabtablets, laptopsmartphones; liquid damage, impact damage, data recovery and insurance report

Please text us if you need support or online product queries.

Dr Mobiles Limited
1, Huron Street
Takapuna, Auckland 0622
Toll: 0800 429 429
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Tips and Advice on New Battery Deployment
Before using a new lithium-ion battery for the first time, it is important to fully charge and discharge it two to three times to condition it. This will help to maximize the battery's capacity and longevity.

To charge a new lithium-ion battery:
1.  Use a high-quality charger or the original charger that comes with your phone, which is specifically designed for lithium-ion batteries.
2.  Connect the charger to the battery and to a power outlet.
3.  Allow the battery to charge until it is fully charged (100%).
4.  Disconnect the charger from the battery and the power outlet.

To discharge a new lithium-ion battery:
1.  Use the device that the battery is powering until the battery is fully discharged (0%).
2.  Turn off the device.
3.  Let the battery to rest for a few minutes before charging it again.

Repeat the charging and discharging process two to three times to condition the battery.
Once the battery is conditioned, you can use it normally. However, it is important to avoid deep discharging the battery (below 20%) and to avoid charging the battery to 100% all the time. This will help to extend the battery's life.

Here are some additional tips for using lithium-ion batteries:
1.  Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures (either hot or cold).
2.  Never storing the battery in a fully discharged state.
3.  If you are not going to be using the battery for an extended period of time, store it in a cool, dry place with a 50% charge.

If you follow these steps, rest ensure that the lithium-ion battery will last you a longer period.

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