Premium Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder - AceFast D6

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Introducing the Acefast D6 In-Car Magnetic Holder: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Hands-Free Phone Mounting

Experience the pinnacle of convenience and security with the Acefast D6 In-Car Magnetic Holder, designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's air vent system. This innovative mount boasts a powerful array of features that redefine your hands-free phone usage while driving.

Unmatched Magnetic Strength

Equipped with six high-grade N52 magnets, the Acefast D6 delivers unparalleled magnetic force, firmly gripping your smartphone even over bumpy roads or sudden maneuvers. No more worrying about your phone slipping or falling, ensuring a secure hold throughout your journey.

Unobstructed Vision

Unlike conventional car mounts that obstruct your view, the Acefast D6 cleverly positions your phone without hindering your driving visibility. Its compact and unobtrusive design ensures that your focus remains on the road ahead, prioritizing safety without compromising convenience.

Multi-Angle Adjustment

Whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, the Acefast D6 seamlessly adapts to your viewing preferences. Its swivel and tilt functionality allows you to adjust the angle of your phone with ease, ensuring optimal viewing angles for navigation, music playback, or hands-free calls.

Secure Air Vent Grip

The Acefast D6 features a reinforced long-arm lock clip that firmly attaches to your vehicle's air vent blades, providing an unshakeable grip even on rough terrain. This innovative design eliminates the risk of the holder slipping or falling off, ensuring your phone remains securely in place.

Effortless One-Hand Operation

Experience the convenience of one-hand operation with the Acefast D6. Its intuitive design allows you to easily mount and dismount your phone with a single hand, eliminating the need for distractions while driving.


  • Material: Plastic, silicone, metal alloy
  • Size: 53x53x120mm
  • Weight: Approximately 100g
  • Magnet: 6 x N52 powerful magnets
  • Additional Features:
    • Long secure hook for air vent
    • Handle up to 500g phone's weight
    • Rotate and tilt function
    • Easy one hand operation

Upgrade your driving experience with the Acefast D6 In-Car Magnetic Holder and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure, hands-free phone mounting.

Get it now and experience the Acefast difference!

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