USB-C to USB-C Fast Charging/Synching Cable, 60 Watt, 3 meters (X91)

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USB-C to USB-C Fast Charging/Synching Cable, 60 Watt, 3 meters (X91)

X91 is a 3-meter long Type C to Type C cable designed to provide efficient and high-speed charging and data transmission. With a sturdy build and a 60W capacity, this cable is perfect for those who need extended reach without compromising on charging power.

Ditch the short cord struggle! Introducing the Hoco X91 cable:
3 meters of freedom, 60 watts of fast charge. Type-C to Type-C plug

Plug in wherever you roam: Couch potato? Desk dweller? This long boi reaches it all.

Power up in a flash: Gone are the days of slow charging. Blast your battery with 60 watts of pure juice!

One cable, endless connections: Works with all your Type-C gadgets, from phones to laptops.

Built to last: Tough threads and sturdy connectors stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Say goodbye to tangled messes: This smooth operator stays knot-free for easy use.

More than just power: Transfer files between devices at lightning speed.

Upgrade your connection game with the Hoco X91 cable. Get yours today and experience the freedom of length, speed, and reliability!

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